Explanatory Text for the various parts of the artwork on my glider.

Hear the Wind Waves Talking

Good, if blurry, view of my glider from below, with the Sun backlighting it, to make the colors glow a bit.

Just in the transition from launching to flying. One foot in the air, one on the ground. Cool halo on the leading edge.

Above photo, zoomed in on me.

Above photo, zoomed in on me, head-and-shoulders only. I'm not sure if I'm actually smiling or just grimacing :-).

Lake Pillsbury, Timberline Launch (look for the tiny gliders set up between the trees along the ridge line), and Lower Launch. Taken from the Propane Tank Launch.

Potato'ing at the propane tank launch :-).

In the clouds over the summit.

Heading towards some cloud streets.

From below, medium grain, over-backlit.

Large grain, lame backlighting :-(.

Medium grain, good backlighting.

2 gliders, extremely grainy :-(.