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INFO for Northern California 144.39 Northern California Information on APRS Wide Nodes Voice Nets and Local Maps
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If you have the Street Atlas or SA9 CD this is the 
best!! New AprsPLUS 215 Aprs using DeLorme Street Atlas 4, 5, 6. 7. 8, or 9 CD Maps and windows98-xp ...Latest Version
* Baker to Vegas run with APRS
Real Old historic gif of Bay Area APRS San Francisco Bay Area APRS Dos Screenshot on a quiet evening in April of 1996

APRS is a shareware program that takes advantage of the availibility of inexpensive GPS receivers to display the locations of moving stations on your PC. By connecting your PC computer to any radio network via an innexpensive ($130) radio data modem, then all stations can see the mo vements of all other stations. APRS permits any number of stations to exchange data just like voice users but without the complexity of maintaining separate point-to-point links. The primary APRS display screen is the MAP display.To help mobile units find each other, there are radio nets standardizing on several radio channels:

Caledonia Amateur Vhf Enthusiasts KB1GJP

Bob Wilkins lives in St. Johnsbury VT Northern California Information on APRS Wide Nodes Voice Nets and Local Maps
n6fri now k1ooo lives in the village of St.
 Johnsbury Vermont 05819 in the Northeast Kingdom California Packet Band Plans Coordinators Pages
st. johnsbury vermont 05819 GPS links to GPS pages
st. johnsbury vermont 05819 Balloons APRS at the Edge of Space

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